Artist’s Statement

I mainly work with color woodcuts, but sometimes with monotype and lino cut techniques as well. I like to use a lot of colors, which I print as thick layers rendering one wood-plate printing technique. I don’t destroy old plates, because after many years I may use them again as a part of some new work. I print unique works or at least very small editions. In this way, I don’t get bored of the monotonous stages of printing. I print variations of the same theme – usually one of them goes to an exhibition and the rest to the store.

Woodcut as a technique has come natural to me because I have been living in many places and working in many studios where it wasn’t possible to use a printing press. That’s why I sometimes print my works by hand.

I get subjects for my prints from nature and nature observations. In my prints nature manifests its abstract, ornamental color and form world, where sometimes even human figures appear. Those figures seem to be wondering the sometimes absurd and sometimes peaceful course of nature.